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Driving a Sustainable Future

Towns and villages across Ireland were hit disproportionally hard by the 2008 recession. Our young people emigrated, our businesses closed, our main streets were boarded up. Jobs and opportunities were all centralised in major cities. 

Remote work is giving rural Ireland a second chance.


We now have an opportunity to rebuild our towns and villages so that our community members do not need to leave to survive. Comworks will help make that a reality and we are leading by example by repurposing a building that has been vacant since the crash.

Our Plan

STEP 1, Create a quality, professional workspace. That provides high speed internet access, meeting, conference rooms and all associated tools and services necessary to make an ideal work environment. This will...

​This will...

  • Increase footfall which will directly impact local business's.

  • Increase access to reliable high speed broadband.

  • Reduce carbon emissions​ by reducing the need to commute and by providing electric charging.

  • Enterprise development. Hubs have been shown nationwide to the foundation of enterprise development. One similar but smaller project Ludgate in attracted 25 new companies to Skibberean in its first year.

  • Make it easier for those in hard to reach communities to be part of the workforce, working parents, people with caring responsibilities and those with disabilities to have a flexible space to work from.

STEP 2 Create a range of soft supports to enhance and promote commerce and entrepreneurship. This will be provided in the form of events and workshops, mentorship and guidance. We also intend to create a "local fund" a financial support specifically aimed at engaging local entrepreneurs. We will open our space to Enterprise Ireland, the local enterprise office and the IDA and will help promote and provide their content to our community. This will...

​This will...

  • Directly impact local tourism by creating interesting and engaging educational or networking events. Events at the Ludgate hub supported over 2800 bed nights in their first year alone. 

  • Reduce the need for rural youth and talent to leave the area to find supports. By providing supports to youths local we can increase the diversity of our communities. 

  • Incentivise and directly help new enterprises to develop locally.

  • Expand the skillset of already established local business's increasing overall commercial wellness for the town. 

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