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We’re Here to Revolutionise Rural Work Hubs

Step into the ultimate workspace where urban sophistication meets rural serenity. Welcome to Community workspace.

Located in the picturesque town of Loughrea, County Galway, Comworks stands as a cutting-edge Enterprise Hub created for today's businesses and remote professionals.


Being Home 24/7:   

It's Tougher Than It Looks....

Remote workers report:

24 % 

Boost in Happiness 


Challenge is Social Isolation

Hubs counteract employee isolation, one of the primary challenges highlighted by NUIG's Whitaker Institute. Eliminating long commutes and providing social interaction in a professional setting means a more balanced work-life experience, increased productivity, and a revitalised sense of community for both employees and entrepreneurs

Just need a desk? or maybe an office?


Permanent and Flexi Desks


Mixed Capacity Office Spaces

We make it really simple to get your own office. No need to worry about lots of new contracts with tons of vendors. Our one simple invoice covers everything, light, heat, rent, rates, coffee, tea, cleaning etc etc..

We've crafted our packages in an attempt to resonate with everyone's unique needs.



Meeting Rooms 


Event Space

Open to every business user, our mission is to elevate the facility standards for all businesses in East Galway. Whether you need a space for an hour or the entire day, our rooms have the best tech around and are available for flexible bookings


Podcast Studio


A Simple Robust Privacy Approach, Blending Tech & Space

At Comworks we understand privacy is important and so we have implemented a broad range of solutions to make our users feel secure. 

  • Clearly defined work & social spaces

  • Member only areas

  • Private meeting rooms, offices and phone booths

  • Space dividers on every desk

  • Secure private network connections

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